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Calvin's Craft Cookies is a Charlotte-based startup that upcycles grains from local breweries to make delicious and nutritious dog treats that are better for dogs and the environment.

Co-Founders Eric Westerduin and Sheera Bursch started Calvin's Craft Cookies as a side project in June 2019. After quickly realizing its potential, they decided to start working on this venture full-time as of January 1, 2020.

Calvin's Craft Cookies was founded on three key principles:

Eco-Friendly: Sustainably made with upcycled brewer's grains and packaged in recyclable cans
Clean Label: Using minimal, high-quality, human-grade ingredients with no fillers or preservatives
Giving Back: 15% of proceeds are donated to local animal rescue groups to help pets in need

The treats are primarily sold online via the company's website, but can also be found in breweries, bottle shops, and small pet retailers in Charlotte and the surrounding areas.

Eric Westerduin
Eric is a serial entrepreneur and former investment banker. He saw the craft brewery boom unfolding in Charlotte, which motivated him to find a way to upcycle the wasted grains. Their unique packaging is thanks to Eric's ingenuity.
Sheera Bursch
Sheera is a woman of many talents and former veterinary surgical nurse. When she heard Eric's idea, she jumped at the opportunity to formulate a healthier dog treat. Sheera came up with the company name and designed the logo.
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